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Turquoise Firoza orgonite for protection | Vaidik Online

Turquoise Firoza orgonite for protection | Vaidik Online

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A Turquoise Orgonite is a fascinating blend of the protective and transformative properties of orgonite with the calming and healing attributes of turquoise.

Orgonite is a material composed of resin, metal particles, and crystals, believed to convert negative energy into positive vibrations. Turquoise, a revered gemstone for centuries, is associated with spiritual attunement, inner calm, and protection. Combining these elements into a single piece creates a dynamic tool for energy work and holistic practices. The turquoise component is often linked to the throat chakra, facilitating clear communication and self-expression.

The Turquoise Orgonite is thought to promote emotional balance, dispel negativity, and enhance spiritual growth. This unique orgonite variation is not only appreciated for its aesthetic appeal but also for its potential to contribute to a sense of harmony, protection, and heightened spiritual awareness. 

The orgonite also has 1 copper spiral wire to catch divine energy, around a clear quartz tower which absorbs energies.

Pack contains: 1 pyramid

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