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Swastik yantra for good fortune | Vaidik Online

Swastik yantra for good fortune | Vaidik Online

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The Swastik Yantra holds deep spiritual significance, representing the timeless symbol of auspiciousness and well-being in Hindu culture.

It's four arms, forming a cross with bent ends, symbolize the eternal cycle of life and creation. The Swastik Yantra is revered for its ability to attract positive energy, remove negativity, and bring good fortune to those who embrace its presence.

Often used as a sacred symbol during religious ceremonies and festivals, the Swastik Yantra is believed to invoke divine blessings and protect against malevolent forces. Placing this yantra in homes or sacred spaces is thought to create a harmonious environment, promoting peace, prosperity, and spiritual growth. 

It is a MUST HAVE yantra in every home.

Materials: Panchdhatu or Tamrapatra, gold plated.

Package contents: 1 yantra

Usage: Place it in your home or office mandir and worship daily.

Kindly note: This yantra is of premium quality and exclusive to our website. Available in two material options.


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