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Kurma Meru Shree Yantra

Kurma Meru Shree Yantra

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The "Kurma Meru Shree Yantra" is a sacred geometric pattern in Hindu and Vedic traditions, representing the divine energy and the unity of cosmic forces. The term "Kurma" refers to the tortoise, a significant symbol in Hindu mythology, and "Meru Shree Yantra" signifies the three-dimensional form of the Shree Yantra. The Shree Yantra is a complex and powerful mystical diagram believed to embody the energy of the Goddess Shakti.

The Kurma Meru Shree Yantra is a unique variation that incorporates the symbolism of the tortoise, which is said to support the foundation and stability of the universe. The tortoise is considered a symbol of strength, endurance, and stability in Hindu mythology.

Devotees and practitioners of spiritual traditions often use the Kurma Meru Shree Yantra for meditation, prayer, and ritualistic practices. It is believed that meditating upon or worshiping this sacred geometry can bring about spiritual upliftment, prosperity, and the blessings of the divine feminine energy. 


Material: Panchadhatu

Size: Approx 2 inches long

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